Hybrid Workforce Management Platform

Monitor employee productivity, drive engagement and reduce attrition.

Metaoptics AI driven employee insights

Dont Spy on Employees Understand Them

Location Awareness

We surface already available data across all of your cloud applications to help you understand if your team is in the office or traveling.


Ensure compliance with security and governance policies across all of your applications.

Employee Wellness

Drive employee wellness through AI-generated wellness insights and detect burnout before it becomes a problem.

Employee Engagement

Understand employee engagement across your teams and identify attrition early and often.

SaaS App Manageemnt

Understand app use across your organization and opportunities for consolidation and cost savings.


With 1000's of SaaS and on-prem integrations, plus an open API, we connect to everything so you can have a well-rounded picture of when, how, and where applications are used.

Loction Aware

Understand where your workforce is even with VPN

Our platform utilizes signals from multiple places, browsers, cloud apps, GPS, and mobile devices to ascertain and provide accurate location data so that you can keep your teams compliant and safe.


Happy Customers


Streaming data points provided in real-time


Data Transactions a month

Trusted by Top Enterprises

Top enterprises trust MetaOptics to provide deep insights into employee productivity and wellness. We do not use intrusive tracking technologies. We provide productivity and wellness data that helps companies improve productivity without losing trust.

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Built with developers in mind

MetaOptics can be integrated into over 1000+ different platforms and extended using our SDK. We use an open API standard which means you can tie in any application or workflow and correlate data in hours.


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