Software that drives workforce effectiveness

Drive productivity and performance at every level of the organization. Gain deep insights and compliance.

Employee Engagement

Understand employee engagement across your teams and identify attrition early and often.

SaaS App Manageemnt

Understand tool usage across of your applications and understand app sprawl and opportunities for consolidatiion.


with 1000's of SaaS and on prem integrations we integrate with everything so you can have a well rounded picture of when, how and where applications are being used.

Location Awareness

We surface already available data across all of your cloud applications to help you understand if your team is in the office or traveling.


Ensure compliance with security and governance policies across all of your applications.

Employee Wellness

Drive employee wellness through AI generated wellness insights and detect burnout before it becomes a problem

Organization Pulse

Your Virtual Office - Key Performance Information

View team productivity at a glance across all people you manage in one simple view.

  • Team collaboration levels across MS Teams, Outlook, Zoom, Office, and 100's of other applications.
  • Communication levels for chat, calls, and online meetings.
  • Simple to use drill-downs into each area so you can see data per employee.

Wellbeing and Workload Balance

Understand total workload per employee and gain insight into crucial wellness metrics such as time spent in meetings, days worked after hours, and engagement level per employee.

  • AI-driven insights provide key indicators such as days worked after hours and time spent in recurring meetings.
  • Understand the amount of focus time each employee is achieving and optimize development time, creative thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Identify top performers and coach others on time management best practices with AI-assisted manager recommendations.

Set Goals and Track Performance in Real-time

Create goals in MetaOptics and track performance in real-time against the objectives of each team for the quarter, half, or year.

  • Set productivity, focus, and collaboration goals to drive desired team outcomes.
  • Create goals based on any metric in the company, like completing project tasks on time, solving help desk tickets within a specific timeframe, or hitting a revenue number in Salesforce.
  • Easy-to-see dashboards can be provisioned for employees to track their own goal attainment in real-time.